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Yokaj Studio GD is a game making sub department of Yokaj Studio. GD was founded in the spring of 2006, but has already received a price for 'Best Game Idea 2006' at Swedish Game Awards (Sweden's biggest game award) with our first game Sumo.

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Sumo, a modernistic fighting game, was awarded for 'Best Game Idea'.

''A game bigger than the medium. It's literally 'out-of-the-box' by
letting the fight take place outside the computer.''

(The jury's motivation given at Swedish Game Awards 2006)


Spelfest även för de ännu oinvigda - (Dagens Nyheter, 2006-10-22)
Swedish Game Awards 2006 - (SuperPLAY #124, 2006-06-00)
Final i Swedish Game Awards - (FragZone, 2006-05-05)

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